“My biggest win working with Nikki was having the courage to be uncomfortable as I reached for more.”

My biggest win working with Nikki was having the courage to be uncomfortable as I reached for more. I reached for more in my career and in my love life, which are two parts of my life where I’ve always sold myself short. Nikki introduced me to a concept that I’ve returned to ever since: the idea of residing in my executive self. From this part of myself, I make decisions and take actions that get me where I want to be and where I deserve to be.

—Nadine Kano, managing partner, The Ariosto Group, LLC

“Nikki has forever changed my view of my abilities in the best way possible.”

Nikki and I worked together while I wrote the biggest proposal of my life. She helped me move through my fears of failure and rejection with such incredible care that I am now not crippled by negative thoughts. She has forever changed my view of my abilities in the best way possible.

—Erin L.

“Highest recommendation.”

I have worked with Nikki for the last six months. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation. 

—Deb T.

“A supremely gifted coach.”

Nikki is a supremely gifted coach who is fun and holds space with love, openness, and curiosity. Our superpower-finding session was illuminating, in all senses of the word! Nikki’s zone of genius lies in asking fun and insightful questions to draw out one’s superpowers and listening deeply with her full presence.  It became obvious as our conversation progressed that the clues to my talents are sprinkled throughout my whole life and that they involve creating or being creative in some way. I hadn’t fully appreciated this before. Nikki helped me to tap in to the joy and freedom I feel when I use my talents frequently. She showed me that nurturing my creativity is the key to staying energised and being the fullest expression of me. Wow, what a game changer!  

If you feel stuck and have forgotten what your superpowers are, work with Nikki! It will be one of the best investments of your time. 

—Winnie Sher, Life Coach, UK

“What Nikki does is very different.”

I’ve done soul searching, looked at books, and been to groups, and I think what Nikki does is very different, special, so uniquely personal, and valuable.

—Elizabeth Murdoch, podcaster, animal communicator, entrepreneur, energy healer, and author


Working with Nikki was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having. The difference maker was that she knew how to help me address them in a loving way, and incorporate tools to continue on a path of greater success personally and professionally. You can read it all in books, but Nikki can help you put it to practice.

—Elizabeth P., human resources executive

“Nikki is a brilliant coach.”

Nikki is a brilliant coach. She is dynamic and smart and really knows what questions to ask in order to guide you toward figuring out the tough questions on your own. Nikki has helped me gauge what was missing in my life in order to maximize my energy. She is also very approachable and easy to talk to. I’d definitely recommend working with her for a transformative experience.

—Angela Noelle

“Having Nikki at my side is like having a friend and a flashlight on a nighttime walk through the woods.”

Nikki has converted me from a life-coaching skeptic into a believer. I had a pretty clear idea what my goals were and had a hard time dropping the idea that I should be able to accomplish them all by myself. But having Nikki at my side is like having a friend and a flashlight on a nighttime walk through the woods: maybe I could find the way myself, but it’s a lot easier and more fun with a companion. And if that companion has Nikki’s empathy, insight, focus, and humor—well, you’ve gotta try it to believe it.

—Robin B.

“Warm, with a calm yet focused presence.”

I brought a fuzzy goal to the table. Nikki concisely helped me visualize and structure the goal, understand my obstacles, and make a specific plan of attack to reach that goal. She is like that good long-term girlfriend—the one who is supportive and encouraging yet will call you on your BS if that’s what you need, with even more practical suggestions (you know the ride-or-die approach isn't always going to get stuff done!). She was warm, with a calm yet focused presence. She drew out some issues that were blocking me and helped me come to some interesting conclusions.

—Diane M.

“Before I worked with Nikki, a lot of my strengths felt like weaknesses.”

I’ve had some really positive mindset changes since working with Nikki. I especially like having a written list of my strengths that I can always turn to. Before I worked with Nikki, a lot of those strengths actually felt like weaknesses. Working with Nikki gave me a set time each week to focus on myself. She gave me structure in our sessions when I needed it but also let me go off on something else if that’s where I needed to go.

—Cat Camara, professional organizer