Life Coaching Is Your Smartest Investment in 2019

What’s the first thought that fires in your brain when you hear the phrase “life coach”? 

I’ve got three guesses:

1) “I can’t afford that.”

2) “Life coaching is mumbo-jumbo/malarkey/unnecessary/a luxury/a hoax/for Californians.”

3) “I can’t afford that.”

Now, let me tell you about Amy. 

Amy was a software developer at a large tech company in suburban Boston. She had the skills and experience to move to a management role, but she lacked confidence as a negotiator and was sidelined by a limiting belief—perpetuated by members of her own family—that Asian women couldn’t be excellent leaders. Amy dropped $2K on a ten-session program with a highly recommended life coach. Within ten weeks, Amy had secured a promotion and a $30K raise. I’d call that a pretty strong return on investment.

Would you hesitate to spend a few grand on a life coach? It’s understandable. Amy was hesitant too. But I posit that your hesitation is illogical, given the potential gains. With the right approach, the right coach, and a dead-serious commitment to the process, you could parlay your life-coaching engagement into a big bundle of cash. And you might even get crazy happy and enlightened along the way.

Folks, don’t price yourself out of coaching. It’s an investment. Not only that, it’s one of life’s ultimate investments. What’s smarter, and more potentially life-changing for you and your loved ones, than an investment in yourself? 

In my view, you can’t afford not to hire a life coach if you want to do one or more of the following:

  • Transform your life

  • Get rich

  • Get famous

  • Live an extraordinary, kicking-ass-taking-names life

  • Discover your true purpose on the planet

  • Identify and quell your limiting beliefs and voices of self-doubt 

On the other hand, I would discourage you from hiring a coach if you want to do one or more of the following: 

  • Stay exactly where you are

  • Repeat all your patterns—good, bad, and ugly

  • Limit your beliefs about what you can do, be, earn, and have

  • Revel in feeling comfy, safe, mediocre, and joyless

  • Play small

To paraphrase supertrainer Autumn Calabrese: If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done. You need to break patterns. You need to transcend your past. You need to break out. Professional coaches are experts in helping people do exactly that. So if everything’s comfy and copacetic in your life, definitely don’t work with someone like me.

I could tell hundreds of stories like Amy’s—stories of folks who achieved financial wealth by investing in a life coach and committing to simple changes in mindset. But beyond financial gain, the benefits of life coaching are insane. Folks who work with a life coach report increases in the following:

  • joy

  • confidence

  • self-esteem

  • fulfilling relationships (social, family, intimate, professional…)

  • positive energy

  • peace

  • feelings of calm

  • self-awareness

  • self-knowledge 

  • concentration

  • creativity

  • innovation

  • discipline

  • motivation

  • leadership skills

  • work-life balance

  • sense of purpose and clarity

  • feelings of freedom

  • feelings of inner power and agency

  • fulfillment and satisfaction

  • open-mindedness and tolerance

  • engagement in tasks and projects

  • perspective on life

  • commitment to deeply held values

  • spiritual connection

  • emotional awareness

  • feelings of being supported

Here’s a challenge: Choose the three items above that you most desire in your life. Now, place a monetary value on those three items—for example, fulfilling relationships + self-awareness + feelings of inner power and agency = _?_. What are these assets worth to you? Is the value quantifiable?

Why aren’t you investing yet?

I’ve got stock in two coaches: my own coach, and myself. I’ll report the returns on these investments in future posts. $ :-) $